Spatula - Gadget Silicone Grey



  • Availability: In stock
  • Collection: Gadget Silicone Grey
  • Code: 51595B05
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 20,00 cm
  • Color: Craft
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Price: 9,00€

A collection consisting in soft touch, refined Red or Grey soft silicone items and tools, perfectly complementary to the Sambonet 12?O?Clock cookware line. Silicone is a dishwasher-safe material, easy to clean, non-stick, very flexible and suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to over +200°C. What is more, silicone does not alter the organoleptic properties of food at all, and it allows you to vent your passion for cooking!

Description Price Quantity
51595B05 Gadget Silicone Grey, Silicone | Spatula - 20,00 cm - Craft 9,00€
51595B04 Gadget Silicone Grey, Silicone | Spatula - 26,00 cm - Craft 9,89€
51595B07 Gadget Silicone Grey, Silicone | Spatula - 27,00 cm - Craft 11,50€
51595B16 Gadget Silicone Grey, Silicone, wood | Spatula - 35,00 cm - Craft 13,51€
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