Cake fork set, 6 pcs - 1965 Vintage


Cake fork set, 6 pcs

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  • Collection: 1965 Vintage
  • Code: 52464A55
  • Material: Stainless steel
Price: 31,50€

1965: "Help!" by the Beatles, a television culture and peace marches. A design that distinguis itself by stylistic contrast between past and present: the flat front of the handle corresponds to a gently curved back. The softness and roundness of forms make each piece easy to hold, rendering the collection extremely functional and perfect for everyday use. This Sambonet collection comes in the nostalgic Vintage edition, made by an innovative mechanical processing technique used on the flatware surface.

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52464A55 1965 Vintage, Stainless steel | Cake fork set, 6 pcs 31,50€
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