Flatware set 24 pcs seafood - Baguette


Flatware set 24 pcs seafood

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  • Collection : Baguette
  • Code : 52586-88
  • Material: Stainless steel
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Price: 228,01€

The Baguette collection by Sambonet has traveled for a century on the legendary train of the Wagon Lits, as the only official model. An exclusive and timeless flatwares service. By its simple refinement, it brings to the table the elegance typical of early 900s flatware.

The flatware set 24 pcs seafood includes:
12 fish forks
12 fish knives.

Description Price Quantity
52586-88 Baguette, Stainless steel | Flatware set 24 pcs seafood 228,01€
Description Price Quantity
52786-88 Baguette, Silverplated Stainless Steel | Flatware set 24 pcs seafood 525,60€
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