WHP Project

WHP Project

Sambonet Paderno Industrie and Novara WHP Network


Starting this year, Sambonet Paderno Industrie has joined the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) project, a program aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of workers coordinated by the Novara ASL -Local Health Authority. After an initial phase of listening to employees and analysing the work environment, the ASL and the company's internal group drew up a three-year improvement plan, with two priority interest: nutrition and physical activity.


The first action of the company will be to improve the quality of meals provided in the canteen, in order to provide balanced and nutritious food, and integrate health products into the vending machines inside the work areas. At the same time, clear and simple indications will be given on the correct diet and on the combinations between the courses, as well as information such as the calculation of body mass or the food pyramid, which are fundamental for a healthy and conscious diet.


With regard to physical activity, the company will identify sports facilities and shops to create deals to ensure greater convenience and enhance the quality of services offered to its workers. As an internal commitment, Sambonet Paderno Industrie has plans to strengthen company gym tools and to organize tournaments, walks or bicycle rides that involve employees, family and friends, spreading the culture of sport and wellness.



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