Sambonet enhances popular proverbs


Tags: Kitchen

Chiara Caprettini's creativity and her passion for foodwriting give rise to articles and recipes that are always new and original. On his blog Nordfoodovestest you will find not only tasty dishes, but also new projects such as the one related to proverbs.


Starting from popular tradition and highlighting the simplicity and authenticity of the proverb and its roots, Chiara proposes a dish with excellent ingredients. In this play of words and taste, Sambonet cutlery and Rosenthal dishes frame unique works. Discover the tasty Fusilloni alla "gallina vecchia fa buon brodo"


Chiara Caprettini, foodblogger from Turin, is the author of Nordfoodovestest, a blog dedicated to cooking, travel, traditions and stories. Nordfoodovestest is also a book, published in July 2017 by Cartman Edizioni.