Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally

On the road to Mongolia


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From Milan to Mongolia on a Fiat Panda Vintage. Behind the wheel “Mongol Night Fever”, the Italian team that will depart on the 19th of July for the 14th edition of “Mongol Rally”, a charity event that every year gathers more than 200 cars at Ulan Bator.


12 thousand km of mountains, deserts and steppes throughout Europe and Asia. There is no assistance, no satellite support and no programmed journey, but a single goal for the team: cross the finish line and donate the prize to “Cool Earth” and “Handicap sulla testa” associations.


Sambonet will support the project and accompany them among sleeping bags, tents and provisions; the Marco Polo Asian set and 1965 Vintage pans are not going to miss it either.



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