Mi manda Rai Tre

Mi manda Rai Tre

Paola Longoni guest at Salvo Sottile’s TV Show.


"Cutlery must be chosen with great care. Better to refer to well-known brands that are synonymous with warranty."


This is how Paola Longoni, art director of Sambonet and Arcturus Group, explains during "Mi Manda Rai Tre" on Monday 26th November. The Italian TV show, broadcast from Monday to Saturday, gets every day more than 300 thousand viewers, 61% female audience, with listeners growing.

Interviewed by journalist Salvo Sottile in a focus on flatware, Longoni gave advice for choosing their sets. As an expert in the world of design, she offered a cross-section of the possibilities of setting the table with stainless steel, silverplated or PVD coloured cutlery.