The magic of mid-air kitchen


Tags: #KitchenSuspension, Kitchen

Sambonet has chosen #KitchenSuspension to illustrate its collections, particularly the new 1965 Vintage Quarzo Nero.

In these shots, the products play creatively with other objects: buttons and yesteryear toy cars are sauté in a wok, while Vintage flatware seems to be escaping from a frying pan. The whole selection extends above the stove.

The original visual impact creates a contrast between the products’ modernity and their vintage look, perfectly tracing new Sambonet collections’ spirit of encounter between tradition and innovation, passion for cooking and taste for design.

#KitchenSuspension originated in 2014 as a project from Italian photographer Francesco Mattucci. The creative idea at the base of his photos is that of eternalising objects and food in a surreal and essential air suspension. Francesco wants to describe the kitchen as a physical place, by means of its familiar, elementary and common functions. By doing so, the kitchen becomes a location where the objects that populate it come to life in a curious, dynamic and funny way.   



At Sambonet we believe in style, in quality and in the beauty of our cutlery. Each Sambonet item, cutlery or hollow ware, is a unique project, built on history, research, development, and, just like a work of art, on originality. Made with distinguished artisan care, quality of materials, latest generation production techniques and secrets passed down from the company’s silversmith tradition, today the collections including knives, forks, spoons and many more cutlery items represent the perfect combination of Italian excellence, craftsmanship and good taste.