The magic of mid-air kitchen


Tags: #KitchenSuspension, Kitchen

Sambonet has chosen #KitchenSuspension to illustrate its collections, particularly the new 1965 Vintage Quarzo Nero.

In these shots, the products play creatively with other objects: buttons and yesteryear toy cars are sauté in a wok, while Vintage flatware seems to be escaping from a frying pan. The whole selection extends above the stove.

The original visual impact creates a contrast between the products’ modernity and their vintage look, perfectly tracing new Sambonet collections’ spirit of encounter between tradition and innovation, passion for cooking and taste for design.

#KitchenSuspension originated in 2014 as a project from Italian photographer Francesco Mattucci. The creative idea at the base of his photos is that of eternalising objects and food in a surreal and essential air suspension. Francesco wants to describe the kitchen as a physical place, by means of its familiar, elementary and common functions. By doing so, the kitchen becomes a location where the objects that populate it come to life in a curious, dynamic and funny way.